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Jola Recruitment, now renamed Talent Driven Executive Search, began connecting candidate with client in 1991.  Initially, we focused our efforts on helping traditional advertising agencies find creative talent, but the industry soon evolved.  The emergence of the Internet and other technologies led to a critical juncture for our firm.  We either had to adapt or remain singularly focused in our searches.  Ultimately, we wanted to provide the deepest talent pool for our clients and so in 1994, Talent Driven expanded to include interactive/digital placement; a decision we have never regretted.

The individual responsible for starting Talent Driven is Jo La Londe.  Jola, as she came to be known, has over 30 years of experience in advertising.  As creative recruiter for Campbell-Ewald Advertising, Jola poured over countless portfolios and interviewed thousands of candidates.  She has the eyes and ears of a creative director, as well as an established reputation for recognizing creativity.

Beyond her aptitude for sensing talent, Jola possesses the valued gift of a career coach.  She is a great judge of character and uses that ability to help match candidate disposition with agency culture.  Her successes include partnering with such high-profile clients as Bozell, Campbell-Ewald, DMB&B, J. Walter Thompson, McCann Erickson, BBDO, and Young & Rubicam.

Jola’s son, Collin LaLonde, has now taken the reins to head up the company.  He is a recruiter, consultant, speaker, career coach, and subject matter expert in the advertising and marketing space.  Collin joined the firm in 1994, just as the Internet exploded into the realm of mass communications.  Since then he has screened and placed talent in positions ranging from Director of Interactive Strategy, to Executive Creative Director over digital, to CEO of the company.

Collin’s extensive knowledge of emerging technology keeps him ahead of where things are going.  Collin also counsels clients on how to compete in the interactive age by helping them make the most efficient and cost-effective organizational adjustments.  He has a long list of clients that range from top ad agencies to cutting-edge digital boutiques located across the country and in Europe.



The process of establishing the ideal level for a company’s work is known as, "raising the bar."  Talent Driven studies the bar levels used in the top 360 agencies and applies those levels to every candidate we screen.  But our focus goes way beyond the bar.

Talent Driven believes a successful recruitment firm should do more than just recognize a candidate’s ability to do amazing work.  We spend time getting to know the candidate, their dreams, goals, and ambitions.  The more insight we have, the easier it is finding connections between a candidate’s career goals and available job opportunities.

The same can be said for our firm’s approach to clients.  A successful recruitment firm studies the intangibles, such as company culture, work environment, and business ethics.  Every detail important to the structure of a company, as well as the foundation upon which it was built, is taken into consideration.  This added awareness helps us create a sharper image of the talent a client seeks.

Our business relies on building a relationship with both client and talent, with trust as a guiding principle.  Clients trust that when they seek talent through Talent Driven, they will find candidates who do more than just reach the company bar.  They will find candidates who also fit their culture and support their corporate vision.  This process ensures maximum efficiency and a greater likelihood that a successful connection will be made.



Talent Driven actively seeks the hottest talent to fill a variety of positions.  We consider individuals from every discipline and experience level.  Typically, Talent Driven finds positions for a 360 talent across the board – Executive Director level management, account executives, art directors, copywriters, creative directors, information architects, strategists, flash developers, human resources, programmers, and project managers – talent across the board.  As you know, we are still making it up as we go along!  The deeper our talent pool, the more likely a client will contact us when they need to conduct a search.

From the moment a potential candidate presents his/her credentials, we take great care to ensure they are fully capable of excelling in their desired position.  Every detail is considered, especially relevant work experience and the quality of their portfolio.  Beyond skill set, Talent Driven also spends adequate time understanding the personality and career goals of a candidate.  Such character traits give us a sharper vision of the position a candidate seeks.

Once a candidate has been screened, we begin finding available job opportunities that match their skills and career goals.  The process begins by fully evaluating every client who seeks talent through Talent Driven.  Aside from job descriptions, we also take great care to understand the intangibles of an agency, such as company culture and organizational structure.  The added insight allows us to make connections with candidates in our talent pool.

When Talent Driven connects a candidate with a client, it is only because they are tightly matched according to the client’s needs.  From there it is up to the candidate to prove their value.

Seminars /Trainings

Collin LaLonde conducts seminars and personal career development training, educating job seekers on utilizing the power of the digital world. He will have available online this coming fall 2010- Career training products in Video, Audio and Ebook format.

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