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Getting out of the box is key to having a successful career, and this is where Talent Driven comes in.  In order to compete, a successful candidate will arm themselves with relevant work experience that is quantitative and qualitative, a killer portfolio (all talent not just creative), and the unrelenting desire to succeed.  But even that may not be enough.  Aside from sheer talent, knowing who to contact, and when, may prove to be invaluable. With our help opportunities don’t knock, they bust down doors.

We constantly have our finger on the pulse of the advertising communication industry; as you know it is reinventing itself!  It is critical to know all the ways we distribute information on content (360). Because of the many contacts we have acquired over the years, Talent Driven knows who’s hiring and when. In fact, most of our job orders come from clients who contact us!  All we need to do is find qualified candidates who match the job descriptions, culture, and personality of the company, but in order to do that we need to know about you, the candidate.  Below is a link to upload your resume.

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