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When a client seeks a candidate through Talent Driven, we take careful measures to adequately understand their needs.  This involves using a professional, yet intimate approach.  Beyond determining desired skill set, we like to get to know the company inside and out.  Talent Driven studies everything from corporate culture to long-range organizational goals; only then can we fully visualize the type of talent a client seeks.  Companies are only as good as the talent they have!  We are always searching for top talent and find it is always in demand, whether we are in a good or bad economy.

Once we thoroughly identify a client’s needs, we search our talent pool and find qualified candidates who can fulfill those needs.  Our experience and understanding dictate the search, and ultimately lead to connections.  Talent Driven goes above and beyond what the client expects!  This value has been a part of our company since we opened our doors.

Talent Driven’s typical searches include:   

    * CEO
    * Director of Account Services
    * Director of Consumer Insights
    * Director/VP of Interactive Strategy
    * Director/VP of Digital Marketing
    * Director/VP of Analytics
    * Director of Project Management
    * Director of Search Engine Optimization
    * Social Media Strategist
    * Mobile Media Strategist
    * VP of User Experience
    * Executive Digital Creative Director
    * Associate Creative Director
    * Online Marketing Manager
    * Search Engine Optimization Specialist
    * Senior Art Director
    * Senior Digital Writer
    * Senior Flash Developer
    * Senior Programmer

As you know, we are creating new titles every day!

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